Who We Are

We are a couple from Northern Europe, who are passionate followers of Viking culture.
We are the owners of Nordic era.

Our Webshop are distributing Ukrainian made Axes, Hammers, and Jewelry.

Manufactories of our artisans are located in Ukraine, at the same time we have a warehouse in the USA.

Our partners are skilled artisans, crafting exceptional items, specializing in hand-forged axes and wrought iron housewares.

Even after more than a decade of practicing their craft, metalworkers continue to derive great satisfaction from it.

As a passionate devotee of ancient crafts and vanishing arts, artisans been fortunate enough to learn directly from the last generation, who truly mastered these time-honored methods and techniques.

Whether you’re in the market for a classic sheath axe or a stunning wrought iron door knocker, rest assured that each piece artisans create are a labor of love.

Every blade or tool is unique, as I meticulously hand-select the finest materials, focusing on top-notch wood and steel quality.

The outcome? Superiorly designed items that skillfully combine use and creativity, turning each one into a unique treasure you’ll be happy to pass on to future generations.

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