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Nordic Era

have a Smithy in Ukraine – Kyiv, where some of our designs are created. Our warehouse is located in Ukraine. We are small online Store, operating from the Ukraine. Any inquiries, please contact-us at [email protected]  

Nordic Era Team takes pride in providing high quality, handmade jewelry for all seasons. From spiral knot bracelets and bold rings to incredible shield pendants, we have a style to suit any taste. We offer stunning designs influenced by our Nordic ancestors but reimagined with the modern world in mind. All of our items are made with care by skilled craftsmen who use techniques passed on through centuries of tradition, ensuring they’ll stand the test of time while staying trendy at all times.

Norse Jewelry

Viking Smithy

Ever wanted a really cool piece of Viking Age weaponry? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in the forging of high quality decorative & functional Viking Age weaponry in either steel or wrought iron. No blade or tool is the same, as each material has been hand selected based off the quality of wood & steel. Rest assured, our products are beautifully crafted, unique pieces of functional art.


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