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An axe was every Viking’s trusty tool and a reliable, readily available weapon of choice among Norse people. When it came to managing and repairing their ships – longboats made entirely out wood (and not because they were too lazy), axes were the only way for those ancient maritime warriors who wanted them in control! On land an ax served many purposes: chopping firewood or felling trees so you can build basic defenses against raiders? Placing one against your enemies’ throats before battle begins sounds like just what this versatile blade needs most–ready at any given moment from its home on board ship during all kinds of adventures ranging across water-bound pastures ahead…

  • Item details:
    Weight total: 1.1kg
    Processing: forging, etching, engraving, oxidation, carving.
    The material of axe head: High carbon steel 1060
    Handle material: ash wood
    Total length: 460 mm
    The leather cover is included
    Wooden runic box – optional
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  • It’s always a special treat when customers order handforged items. They’re made to order, so it may take up 7 days for them to ship out – but don’t worry! If you have any special engraving or other requests, please contact our [email protected]
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