This battle hammer is inspired by the Norse legends and historic art. It has a decoration resembling an ancient tree line pattern that was often found engraved on weapons & tools from past periods, as well as additional metal reinforcements to make it more durable for use in related tasks like striking or breaking things down with one’s hand-axes among other hammers available today without compromising quality of performance whether at home improvement projects around your house.

Battle hammers were not as commonplace among Viking warriors and they were more often than not, seen an expensive weapon. Although these battle-axes do appear in Norse legend for instance with God Thor’s hammer Mjölnir; however most found their use by craftsmen or blacksmiths who would prefer it over swords when given the opportunity.

  • Item details:

The weight of the hammer: 2,92 kg
Length: 700 mm
Head size: 35mmx35mm (1,38″x1,38″)
Handle material: Steel

  • It’s always a special treat when customers order hand forged items. They’re made to order, so it may take up to 5 days for them to ship out – but don’t worry! If you have any special engraving or other requests, please contact our [email protected]

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