Viking Axe wall mount ‘Drakkar’


  • Hand-forged Excellence: Drakkar axe holder is a Wall Mount Axe Holder with the might and artistry of Viking craftsmanship, embodying strength and aesthetics.
  • Authentic Drakkar Essence: Inspired by Viking Drakkars – the legendary ships renowned for their endurance, design, and seafaring might, anchoring history with utility.
  • Durability & Design: Crafted from robust steel, it’s not just sturdy but also polished to perfection, ensuring your axe is shielded from scratches and wear.
  • Ancient Protection Method: Hooks enriched with beeswax, a nod to traditional blacksmithing techniques, guard against moisture and oxidation, ensuring longevity and rust-free service.
  • Versatile Sizing Options: Catering to various needs: 10.82×10.23″, hook: 2.16×1.77″, gap: 10.23″, 1.43lb.
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Viking Axe wall mount ‘Drakkar’ For small and medium Axe.

Technical Details:

 Size: 10.82×10.23″ (275x260mm)
 Hook size: 2.16×1.77″ (55x45mm)
 Length between hooks: 10.23″ (260mm)
 Overall weight: 1.43lb (0.65kg)


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