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The Vikings constructed Drakkars out of pine, oak, or ash wood. They used a special technique for splitting trees along the grain. They then watered the planks and held them above a fire to make them more flexible.

The shipbuilders put the parts of the ship together with iron rivets and nails and bound them with cords and ropes. After that, they tarred the whole structure and caulked it by plugging holes and gaps and making the seams watertight. If everything was done correctly, an air layer would form under the Viking ship when it traveled fast over the water, giving it additional stability and speed.

The sail was rectangular or square. It was made of sheep’s wool and covered with grease so that it didn’t get drenched. If there wasn’t a fair wind, the Vikings used oars – 20 to 35 pairs of them.

  • Details:
  • Size:24.5*5*18cm (including sail)
  • Material:Resin(need careful when you move it,drop on the floor will easy broken.
  • Note: When you received it ,the sail is not on the boat,need buyer take it,very easy job,but if didn’t know how to do,you can tell us,we can send you a video show you how to making.

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