Viking Hammer “NIDHOGG”

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  • Legacy of Nidhogg: Dive into Norse mythology with our Viking Hammer Nidhogg, embodying the fierce dragon, Níðhǫggr, that gnaws at Yggdrasil’s roots and judges the wicked.
  • Crafted with Passion: A harmonious blend of Viking Hammer traditions and Nordic craftsmanship, this engraving small hammer is meticulously hand-forged from hardened carbon steel, representing durability and history in one swing.
  • Versatile Masterpiece: While perfect for bushcraft or woodworking, its intricate design also makes it an outstanding decorative element for your home or a prop for re-enactment games.
  • Gift of Myth & Might: Every hammer is a custom handmade hammer gift, ready to captivate the hearts of special men in your life – fathers, husbands, brothers, or uncles.
  • Tailored & Detailed: Length: 11.81″, Head: 4.72×1.5×1.5″, Weight: ~4.18lb. Fashioned from ashwood, hugged by gentle leather. Choose our signature engraving or personalize it further. Upgrade your gift with an optional wooden box.
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Technical Details:

Overall Length: 11.81″ (300mm)
Hammer head: 4.72×1.5×1.5″ (120x40x40mm)
Handle material: ashwood with gently leather
Overall weight: ~4.18lb (1.9kg)
Hardness: Rockwell 50-52(HRC)
The wooden box: optional
Engraving: have standard engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the wooden part of the handle: text, logo)

All steps involved in making this hammer was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.


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